Our mission is quite simple... to provide quality staffing services while helping children live better lives.

Below are some of the organizations that we love! They weigh heavily on our hearts.

The Make a Wish foundation grants wishes to children (like our son) with chronic medical conditions, and we can NEVER thank them enough for granting his wish to go on a Disney cruise when he was younger. We continue to provide monthly donations to them so that other children with chronic medical conditions can have the same experience.

St. Jude Children's Research Hospital provides FREE medical care/treatments to all children with cancer/catastrophic diseases. They are a one of a kind hospital that has helped families all over the United States. It is with great pleasure that we donate to them on a monthly basis!

The Salvation Army Promise Program (Anne's House) provides housing and treatment to minors who have been sexually exploited as a result of child human trafficking. It is a wonderful program that protects and provides housing for these kids. We are honored to continue to donate funds to them and provide gifts to all the kids (and counselors) every holiday season. We were also honored to purchase hundreds of their handmade soaps to support their program. Unfortunately, this program has now closed. It breaks our hearts that they did not have the funding to continue. For this reason, we are on a mission to make sure we provide funding to similar organizations to help children. 

Another wonderful organization is called Cherish House from Reclaim 13.org. They provide housing and counseling services to children who are victims of human trafficking from the ages of 10 and up. I was honored to meet their manager in the Spring of 2016. We were able to raise a substantial amount of money for them. We now donate to them on a monthly basis. They are amazing!

We are excited to announce a new organization that we found out about in 2016 called Destiny Rescue. Since 2016, we have sponsored the rescue of children from human trafficking by sponsoring the full $1,500 per child donation. They do an outstanding job rescuing girls from sex slavery and providing counseling to them for many years. Our plan is to continue this effort on a monthly basis. We have funded rescues for a number of children, and we will continue to do this!

Lastly, as of 4/2/20, we added USA for UNHCR (The UN Refugee Agency) to our list. They helps thousands of refugees (many are kids) in their greatest time of need to give them hope and rebuild their lives. We are honored to provide support for this amazing non-profit organization!

Reminder: Never donate money to us. If you are interested in providing a donation, please click on the links below to go directly to their website and donate directly to them or buy their products directly from them. We pray to add one more charity organizations by the end of the year. Links below are clickable:

  • Make a Wish Foundation (We LOVE them!)
  • St. Jude Children's Research Hospital (They are beyond amazing by providing medical care to kids for free!)
  • Cherish House (Reclaim 13.org) *Watch their video. The support they give to these victimized kids is amazing! 
  • Destiny Rescue is an AMAZING organization that not only rescues children from human trafficking, but also provides counseling services, career training, etc. We pray to continue to help them rescue children from human trafficking throughout the year.
  • USA for UNHCR (They help kids who have been displaced from their home countries.)

Again, if you are interested, please donate directly to these organizations. On behalf of all the children, thank you!

Zenja Glass, CEO

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